Most weapons can be bought at the weapon shop.

Weapons are essential equipments which are used to attack. Not only that, weapons also add stats to the ninja, making it more useful in both offensive and defensive aspects. Most weapons can be purchased at the Weapon Shop or can be won at the Bizarre Bazaar.

Types of Weapons


Main Article: Bow

Bows deal moderate damage and provide higher critical strike chance.


Main Article: Knife

Knives deal moderate damage and give moderate to high stats on accuracy and speed.


Main Article: Hammer

Hammers deal the highest damage and give more health points, but have accuracy and speed disadvantages.


Main Article: Fist

Fists give moderate damage and moderate stats. They also provide more advantage on critical dodging.


Main Article: Dagger

Daggers deal low damage but give high stats on speed, critical chance, and especially on accuracy.


Main Article: Spear

Spears deal the high damage and gives moderate stats but lacks additional effects.


Main Article: Staff

Staffs deal high damage but gives low to moderate stats.

Two-Handed Sword

Main Article: Two-Handed Sword

Two-handed swords deal moderate to high damage along with true damage. They also provide moderate stats.

One-Handed Sword

Main Article: One-Handed Sword

One-Handed Swords are almost similar to Two-Handed Swords in all ways except in stats, where the One-Handed sword has a lower critical chance but higher accuracy and speed.


Main Article: Polearm

Polearms are weapons that are not available in the weapon shop, thus making them a bit more rare compared to other weapons. They provide high speed and high critical strike, along with moderate to high damage.