Moon Scimitar
Weapon Type One-Handed Sword
Level 19
Attack 124-126
Accuracy 40
Speed 36
Critical 29
Upgrade Bonus
+1 10 True Damage
+5 28 Wind Resistance
+9 Minus 8 Attack on Hit
Set Bonus
1 Set 10 Spirit Damage
2 Set 46 Health Points
3 Set 5% Hidden Skill on Hit

A cold weapon that is said to thirst for the blood of beast. The scimitar gives off a blow when beasts are nearby.

Ways to ObtainEdit

  • Bizarre Bazaar - Spend toad token to stand a chance to get this weapon.

Upgrade BonusesEdit

Level Bonus
1 +10 Spirit Damage
5 +28 Wind Resistance
9 -8 Attack on Hit


Moon Scimitar is part of the Moon Set along with Moon Jubbah and Desert Moon Scarf.

Set BonusesEdit

Set Bonus
1 Set +10 Spirit Damage
2 Set +46 Health Points
3 Set 5% Hidden Skills On Hit


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