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A body armor, also known as cloth, is a wearable item and is the most extremely visible object in the customization of the ninja. It provide high stats focusing on the ninja's defense such as defense, dodge and critical dodge.

List of Body ArmorEdit

Here is a list of body armor (along with their stats) available at the Armor Shop:

Name Level Coins Gold Defense Critical Dodge Set?
Trainer Suit 3 55 0 13 2


Genin Gear

10 408 0 20 3 No
Modern Ninja Suit 10 408 0 20 6 No
Leather Suit 16 1784 0 30 4 No
Moon Jubbah 19 0 0 68 14 Yes
Chuunin Jacket 20 3539 0 38 10 No
The Casual 26 7670 0 64 14 No

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