Most armor can be bought at the armor shop.

Armors are wearable items designed for both defense and customization. As a customizing item, armors can be used to decorate or personalize your ninja. As a defensive item, armors can be used to increase stats - especially in defense and dodge

Armors can be bought at the Armor Shop or can be won in missions or at the Bizarre Bazaar.

Types of ArmorEdit

There are two types of armor - the body armor and the back armor.

Body ArmorEdit

Main Article: Body Armor

This type of armor is a body wear and is the most extremely visible object in the customization of the ninja. It also provide high stats focusing on the ninja's defense such as defense, dodge and critical dodge.

Back ArmorEdit

Main Article: Back Armor

From the name itself, a back armor is worn at the back of the ninja. Similar to the body armor, back armors give the ninja defensive stats, but can also be used offensive depending on its upgrade bonus effects.

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